Prague Castle and the walk down to Old Town Square

The city where beer costs less than water you can only imagine how fun and crazy it can be. But this is not just a place for beer drinkers and for the night life. Prague is so beautiful that it will give you goosebumps at every direction you look.

It was love at first sight – it made me feel right at home for some reason. I thought I was in a fairy-tale. The architecture along with the ambiance just blew my mind away. It was so quaint and charming but vibrant and trendy at the same time.


The moment I reached I knew that I have to walk to explore this gem of a place. Prague Castle was the first on the list and ended up spending the whole day in the district. Prague Castle is one of the world’s largest ancient Castles and is a must see for everyone. I absolutely love visiting Castles wherever I go so I was super excited to see the Castle in Prague.

image4-6The walk from the old town square was a little tricky so decided to take the tram half way and then walk to the Castle. Strahov Monastery is a place I came across when walking to the Castle. It’s a compound with a lovely library, museum and a church. It’s a nice little place to stop over to look around or for a quick break before heading to the actual Castle. Unfortunately the church was closed so could only see it from the outside 😦

The library was absolutely stunning with lots of historical books and art work, I would definitely recommend going here if you have some spare time. Also, there’s a lovely brewery  there called Klasterni Pivovar – it’s a small traditional 17th century brewery which was restored and reopened as a craft brewery.  This is a perfect place to grab a local beer and some lunch, the food was really good..make sure you try the liver dish…Yumm!!



I was at a complete awe when I finally reached the Castle. I couldn’t believe how detailed and grand the building was. The rustic and gothic feel to the architecture adds so much character to the whole place. I was sooo fascinated by every single thing there!

Most people and guides suggest that 1-2 hours is enough to be around the Castle district but I think it’s worth staying for at least half a day. The view of the entire city from the Castle is stunning and looks like a beautiful painting. My favourite part was to grab a coffee and sit on the wall and just watch the city and it’s people across the river.

The walk down to the old town square from the Castle is so pretty and peaceful. It’s a hilly walk down and leads up to small beautiful streets with shops and cafes and almost every 6-7 minutes you will come across some live music. It took around 20 minutes and made it right on time to Charles Bridge for the lovely sunset before heading to the square in the evening.










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